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Open opportunities

Olas blancas
Walgreens Fairbanks.png


Fairbanks, AK

Walgreens Fairbanks text.png
rite aid detroit.png

Detroit, Mich.

Rite Aid

rite aid detroit text.png
Ciesro Retail.png

Chicago, Ill.

Cisero Retail Center

Ciesro Retail text.png
office depot pascaguola.png

Office Depot

Pascagoula, Mississippi

office depot pascaguola text.png

At MIR our commercial properties have a strategically planned rotation, in general terms we acquire the properties at competitive prices looking for a future sale with capital gains in a sale that allows us back in a cycle to be able to offer the following properties. Of the 17 properties we have, these 4 are positions that we currently have open for new investors

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